Innovation & Technology

Mechanical Design

Incorporating The Latest In Technology

  • Ongoing process of innovation in manufacturing, research and equipment design
  • Experienced engineers, technicians and sales team turn innovation and latest technology into converting solutions

3-D Mechanical Design Solutions

  • Advanced design capabilities
  • Custom machine design to meet specialized requirements

High Speed Video Recording

    Mechanical Design
  • Video captures at high frame rates for precise observation of
    machinery operation
  • Helps achieve precise set-up parameter

Tensile Test Bench

  • Evaluation of seal strength
  • Statistical data analysis for multiple tests

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

  • Analyzes and compares materials to determine film composition
  • Plots thermal absorption of each film component

Machine Manuals

  • Mechanical DesignMultiple languages
  • Specific troubleshooting information for each machine model

Our experienced staff of engineers, technicians and sales personnel are eager to turn Hudson-Sharp's latest technologies and innovations into real-life solutions for your plastic film converting operation.

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