750SGBS Pouch Machine

The 750SGBS Pouch Machine is configured to large format, side gusset bottom seal (SGBS) pouches. Hudson-Sharp has extensive experience with SGBS pouch machines in the pet food and lawn & garden markets both in the United States and globally. The 750SGBS Pouch Machine efficiently produces side gusseted pouches from a single web with precise seal control. This machine can be equipped to produce pouches with Inno-Lok®, Pour & Lok™, and Zip360™ reclosable features.

Available continuous edge sealing addresses a wide variety of web structures (PE/PE, PET/PE, etc.), short set-up times, and pouch lengths in excess of 1000 mm.


  • Precise seal control with independently driven sealers
  • Servo driven web tension control
  • Side gussets forming from a single web
  • Upper and lower moving seal bars to protect seals
  • Light curtain guarding
  • Skip Cycle capabilities
  • Dynamic web guiding

Optional Attachments

  • Bottom Fold & Glue Module
  • Angle Sealer
  • Handle cutout
  • Inno-Lok®, Pour & Lok™, and Zip360™
  • Dual Blade Flying Knife
  • Bag Stacking
  • Trim Removal
  • Continuous Edge Sealing
  • Rotary Edge Trimmers



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Bag Options



Product Specifications
Mechanical Speed 120 cpm
Machine Width 750 mm (30")
Sealing Width 710 mm (28")
Longitudinal Sealing Length (intermittent) 1000 mm (40")
Max Gusset Depth Up to 150 mm (6")
Electrical* 480 Volt/60 cycle/3 phase, 35 Kva
Materials Laminated films used for pouches

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*Standard voltage shown, other voltage available


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