Hudson-Sharp 750SGBS


Side Gusset Bottom Seal Pouches

The SGBS pouch applications are part of a growing trend away from paper wall bags that are used in bulk packaging of items such as pet foods. New laminated materials with brighter graphics help in product recognition, and that helps drive retail sales for the end users of the pouches.

Hudson-Sharp announces the integration of two proven technologies for combining Inno-Lok® in line with our pouch making equipment. This system produces Side Gusset Bottom Seal pouches with front panel Inno-Lok® closures.

The Versatility of the line allows you to run both zippered and non-zippered pouches and the addition of a folder/gluer option provides additional product applications. The folder/gluer option produces bags that when filled will have a flat bottom and stands for better product recognition on retail shelves. Switching operation to or from Folded Bottom is as easy as one touch to the control screen and a small turn of a hand wheel to move the folder carriage.

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750sgbs Bags


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